Operation Reach the Mature


O.R.T.M. began in 2000 in two nursing homes in Toronto.  A bi-weekly Bible Study and weekly one-to-one visits are continuing in one home.  A chaplaincy position has been established.  In 2001 a second home opened and a weekly ministry of Bible Study, taking Communion to the residents and visiting with them began.  Continued growth is being seen and the residents look forward to these visits.  It is a delight to see their growth and participation.

This ministry outreach expanded into a senior’s retirement residence in 2007 with a bi-weekly Bible Study. This grew into a ‘weekly’ outreach later that year.  A monthly Church Service has been conducted on the 4thSunday of each month since July, 2008.  Andrea is supported with a team of volunteers from the local church.  She and her team are seeing continued personal growth in each other as well as in the residents who attend regularly.  They are being discipled on an ongoing basis.



The vision of this ministry is that ministry outreach programs and regular church services be established in every long-term care facility in the Greater Toronto Area.  There are 614 facilities in Ontario with at least 90 homes in Metro Toronto.

Each of these residents NEED Jesus.  The dream is to get into at least one home each day with at least one other person.  Jesus sent the disciples out in teams of two.

To raise up teams who have the same heart cry and commitment that the Pastor in Charge has in order
that seniors will be won for Jesus and this outreach will continue under new leadership when she
can no longer do it.

Leaders must be raised up to take over from her.

The heart’s cry of the Pastor-in-Charge is that she (and her Team)
be instrumental in seeing seniors come to know Jesus Christ
as Lord and Savior of their lives.


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